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Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology

Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology
   2013 VOL 27 ISSUE 1 (Apr-Sep)                            BIANNUAL  ISSN-XXXX-XXXX
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Executive Editor (PDF)

Role of Rapid Virological Response in Predicting the Adverse Effects of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients.
Muhammad Irfan, Naveed Aslam, Ahsen Naqvi, Ghulam Mustafa Aftab Barun Kumar Shah, Jamshed Latif, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Aftab Mohsin (PDF)

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Needle Stick Injuries among Health Care Workers in A Tertiary Care Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.
Abbas Khan, Hameedullah, Hashmatullah Khan, Muhammad Kamran Hassan, Abbas Masood, Mushtaq Ahmad, Amir Ghafoor Khan (PDF)

Epidemiological Changes in Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes and Their Routes of Transmission in Pakistan.
Sajjad Iqbal, Muhammad Haroon Yousaf, Rashid Zia (PDF)

Frequency of Asymptomatic Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Decompensated Cirrhotic Patients with Ascites.
Arfan Mahmood, Muhammad Arif Nadeem (PDF)

Efficacy of Rifaximin in Prevention of Recurrent Hepatic Encephalopathy in Liver Cirrhosis.
Muhammad Iftikhar Yousuf, Madeeha Gulzar, Maryiam Ali Wahla Mina Khalid, Muhammad Haroon Yousuf (PDF)

Efficacy of Single Session of Histoacryl Injection in Achieving Gastrointestinal Bleeding Secondary to Gastric Varices.
Abbas Khan, Abbas Masood, Fahim Ullah Khan, Hashmatullah Khan Muhammad Kamran Hassan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Aamir Ghafoor (PDF)

Frequency of Culture-Negative Neutrocytic Ascites in Chronic Liver Disease Patents Presenting to Tertiary Care Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan
Abbas Khan Khattak, Mushtaq Ahmad, Hashmatullah Khan, Muhammad Kamran Hassan and Amir Ghafoor (PDF)
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